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This page is dedicated to Professionals to create a B to B account or a partnership with Loire Valley Tours. There are two different categories are according to your activity.

A- You are Tour Operator or Travel Agent and you have specific needs and want to book your clients directly online. Once your account is created, booking a tour with Loire Valley Tours is simple, swift and safe. Your Pro account gives you access too instant booking with professional rates to all our tours.

  • To create my Pro account click here.
  • How to book a tour? click here
  • For all information about your account contact Pascal at + 33 (0)2 54 33 99 80
  • To personalize the vouchers with your logo (jpg)
    Send by email at

The advantages of my Pro account are:

  1. ou can print or email your client voucher immediately after the booking confirmation.
  2. This voucher can be personalised with you company logo.
  3. By paying online your commission is immediate.
  4. Access your sales report.
  5. Benefit in priority to our special offers
  6. Book your clients to six wonderful regions of France (Loire Valley, Champagne, Burgundy, Bordeaux and Provence).
  7. Relax; your clients are in hands of local experts.

B- You are webmaster, hotelier, or individual and you are interested in a website link with Loire Valley Tours. This can be an easy way to get extra income!

Procedure to become a partner and the advantage for you and your visitors.

For you:

  • Add quality content to your website.
  • It is a simple way for you to generate extra income.
  • The partnership link with is free of charge.
  • You partner with professionals of the travel industry, (licensed guides, comfortable vehicles, close relationship with the hoteliers).
  • Your visitors get an access to a large range of excursions and tours to fabulous regions of France.

For your visitors:

  • Loire Valley Tours is a licensed travel agency. As such, it gives your visitors the guarantee of a company annually controlled by French public authorities. Travel agency license N°041030001.
  • To guarantee quality vehicles, professional transport insurances and safety, the French authorities provide to qualified companies a Transportation License Agreement. Ours is N° 2008/24/0000597.

Please note: The end of the partnership can be decided by Loire Valley Tours without prior notice / The acceptation of the partnership can be rejected / Your website traffic impacts your income. You may update your website content on a regular base. / The content of your website is submitted to regular controls / The partnership begins once the link (logo or banner) with is set and once we receive your personal contract signed with the mention "Good for agreement". Fax number: + 33 (0)2 54 33 95 96 or

Submit a partnership and ask for your contract click here.
For more information to apply for a partnership and banners questions,
contact Pascal at + 33 (0)2 54 33 99 80 /


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